All-in-one KYC checks

Does your bank expect you to screen your business relations? With indueD you screen business and persons worldwide via one easy to use tool.


KYC checks a hassle?
Not anymore.

Screen zakelijke relaties binnen 30 seconden op UBO’s, sancties, landen en andere compliancerisico’s. Alle info over het bedrijf en de belanghebbenden op één plek in een eenvoudig te gebruiken tool. Inclusief audit trail: geautomatiseerde archivering van de KYC-check. Compliance was niet eerder zo eenvoudig.

All data in one environment

Business and persons worldwide

Automated archiving

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"Our credit process is largely automated. It takes us relatively little time to screen relationships, which gives a big boost to our results."

Erik Prins
Credit Manager and Cash Officer
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What if I did not have any data and had delivered to a customer who is now bankrupt?” It is not possible to express in figures what this successful collaboration with Altares Dun & Bradstreet has yielded us."

Julius Lurvink
Julius Lurvink
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"The alerts we receive when there are changes in a particular customer's situation mean additional time savings and a guarantee that we won't overlook important information."

Elke Segers
Elke Segers
Commercial Accounting & Controlling Manager

Tackle je compliance-uitdagingen

Compliance challenge
Identify UBOs and pseudo-UBOs
Screening on international sanction and PEP lists
Verify the legal status of a business entity
Screen for sanctions against countries
Discover the corporate structure of a business identity
Screen money flows within corporate structures

Banks know Altares Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet has been around for nearly 200 years and has a stellar reputation in risk & compliance management. Some 90% of Fortune500 companies rely on our data and insights to manage risk in their organizations.

Banks and financial institutions around the world know Dun & Bradstreet as a trusted partner.

UBO Graphic

Identifying UBOs worldwide

Worldwide, we identify companies with our unique D-U-N-S-number. These companies are connected top -> bottom, creating a corporate structure. To this we connect individuals and companies that have an ownership in these companies. We identify owners, shareholders and pseudo-UBOs from 0.01% ownership and you determine the UBO based on your own guidelines.

New owners, no new problems

If your business relationship is taken over by a sanctioned company or person, unseen risk creeps into your portfolio. That way, without you knowing it, you no longer meet bank, legal and regulatory requirements.

indueD monitors your portfolio and automatically checks for changes in ownership and whether those parties have been sanctioned. You receive an alert so you can act quickly.

5 advantages of indueD

Comply with bank's request

Speed up KYC checks by up to 80%

Save yourself an expensive compliance department

All-in-one solution

Save a lot of time


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