Grow the most valuable relations through real-time customer data in Salesforce. Get the most out of your CRM and customer base through a reliable basis and excellent workflow.

Benefit from real-time data in Salesforce

  • Deeper customer intelligence
  • Efficient account management
  • Improve and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Spot cross- and upsell opportunities
  • Data-driven prospecting

Dataxess for Salesforce

  • 360° customer profiles, always up-to-date
  • Verified data, enriched with extra insights
  • Directly where you need it. Always, anytime


Also interested in protecting the quality of incoming data via web forms? Then use our type-ahead formula. All contact requests or online registrations directly flow into your Salesforce under the correct business name, enriched with background data. Less manual input, a cleaner database.


How can we help?


For any questions or advice on high quality, real-time data in Salesforce, please fill in our (type-ahead) web-form. Our experts will get in touch to advise.