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Monitor your customers and suppliers in 4 simple steps

In this webinar you will learn, among other things:

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10:00 - 10:30 uur


Moira de Kwant
Customer Success Manager

Webinar overview

How do you get fully automated real-time insight into the risks of all your customers and suppliers? In a 30-minute session, our experts will give you practical tips on how to make D&B Credit work for you. With these directly applicable tips you can get to work yourself!

D&B Credit is within many organizations the starting point of the customer acceptance process. Every minute a company in the Netherlands is screened on the basis of our data and solutions. After all, our report tells you everything you need to know about the risk and gives you advice on, for example, credit limits. But the risk of non-payment is always present. Once you start delivering, the risk really begins. Because while you have already invested a lot of money, resources or time in the relationship, it may turn out that the creditworthiness of your customer has drastically deteriorated. This can be solved with monitoring. You keep a real-time eye on whether the companies with whom you do business are healthy and remain healthy.

  • How to spot companies with large score changes, high risk of bankruptcy or delayed payments (portfolio)
  • How to stay informed of important score changes and developments at your customers, partners or suppliers (alert profiles)
  • How to make sure you receive only the alerts that are relevant to you (alerts)
  • How to quickly and easily upload many companies into your D&B Credit portfolio at once (data import)
  • How to link companies to categories (tags) you have defined
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