CF7 Company Database

Plugin documentation

Step 1:
Extract the WordPress plugin ZIP file to a folder on your computer.

We developed 2 different plugins:

  • Altares API wrapper
  • Contact Form 7 – Company Database

Step 2:
With your FTP software, upload the extracted Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress FTP server.

* When a ZIP file is extracted, some unzip software may add a parent folder outside of the Plugin folder. Please make sure you have uploaded the Plugin folder, not this parent folder.

Step 3:
Log into your WordPress backend, left menu, Plugins -> Installed Plugins, find the plugin(s) from the list and click Activate to activate it.

After installing the plugin it is time to configure the plugin. Make sure you have your Direct+ API user information at hand. You need it to get started with the plugin.

1. Fill in your “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” in the fields indicated.

2. For security reasons, we recommend that you limit the number of requests per IP per hour to 20.

3. For the company field (find your company) in the forms we use the “type ahead” functionality of the Direct+ API. Indicate after how many characters the API should start displaying results. We recommend setting this number to 3.

4. Fill in the e-mail address where you want to send requests for a company report. You can fill in multiple addresses seperated by comma.

5. Select the countries in which users can search for a company. Please note: take into account your contract conditions. We recommend to limit this to the countries within your own market.

6. Fill in the email address of sender (you)

As you can see the plugin is in Dutch. We haven’t had the opportunity to make translations available yet. Do you want to translate the plugin directly? Then use the plugin “WPML Localization of themes and plugins”. The Altares plugins are suitable for string translations.

Make sure you have already installed the plugin “Contact Form 7”. If you haven’t done this yet? Download Contact Form 7 here.

In the left menu, go to the heading “Contact” and select “Add new”.

Here you can build your form with the elements (1) as they are shown. Use the [dnb] element to add the search field for a company to the form (2).

Make sure the name field is always filled in. For each form you need to specify a unique number (3).

IMPORTANT: Also don’t forget to give an unique name to the “Id attribute” field in order to get the type ahead working. 

If you want to add a placeholder, do so as indicated (4).

The form on the website looks like this.

After the visitor has filled in the form, the output e-mail can be enriched with data from Direct+.

You can use the following mail tags in your e-mail:

Company name: [companyName]
Street: [streetName]
Postal code: [postalCode]
City: [localityName]
Province / State: [addressRegion]
Country: [countryName]
Tradenumber: [tradeNumber]
VAT number: [taxNumber]
Phone: [phone]
Employees: [employee]
Annual Revenue: [yearlyRevenue]
DUNS number: [duns]

Our plugin ensures that UTM tracking parameters are added to the e-mail. This way it is immediately clear from which source the request is made.

Use to connect the form output to your favorite apps.

Coming soon

Use “WPML Localization of themes and plugins” to translate all the Altares plugins.

Do you need help with the installation of the plugin, the configuration, building a form or translating? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Problems or bugs? Send an e-mail to We do everything we can to solve it as quickly as possible!

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