David Declercq
Kortrijk, 20 mei 1968
† Edegem, 6 september 2018

We are very sad to inform you that our beloved colleague David Declercq passed away last Thursday September 6.

We had the pleasure to have David in our team for over 11 years and he will be greatly missed.

On Saturday September 15 the memorial service will take place in aula Chrysant in crematorium Pontes, Jules Moretuslei 2, 2610 Wilrijk (Belgium).

Condolences can be shared with the family via https://www.lenchant.be/2018/09/10/david-declercq/ or you can share this with us via wouter.hartemink@altares.com.

Best Regards,
Team Altares – Dun&Bradstreet