A letter to our customers – October

Leestijd 2 minuten | Geschreven door Anne de Geus | 4 november, 2020


November 4th, 2020

Dear customer,

In these troubled times, Altares is committed to its customers, partners and employees. At a time when our countries are going through a new phase of the sanitary crisis with various types of lockdown imposed in some of them, we are maintaining full services and are working hard to enhance our solutions and information assets.

More than ever, Altares remains the uncontested partner of economic players and public administrations by providing you with all the tools you need to maintain your turnover, effectively control your credit risks and assist you with compliance matters.

In addition, our teams continue to produce digital content that gives the keys to securing your business with a new series of whitepapers and study’s being released.

At all times, we at Altares strive to embody our cardinal values towards you: trust, commitment, innovation and ambition.

We are at your side,

Luc Querton

President and Chief Executive Officer
Altares Dun & Bradstreet

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Anne de Geus

Marketing Campaign Officer


Credit Monitoring

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Een kredietcheck bij klantacceptatie is waardevol, maar ook meteen verouderd. Het échte kredietrisico begint eigenlijk juist pas nadat je een klant hebt geaccepteerd. De oplossing: monitor de financiële gezondheid van je klanten real-time.

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Credit Monitoring

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