I want to have more insight and analysis options in my supplier portfolio

Enhancing your supplier database with valuable Dun & Bradstreet data data will give you an insight into your supply chain. It shows precisely what you purchase, who from and the quantities. Who are your key suppliers and what is your dependency on each other?

Controle over your supplier portfolio

Having an understanding of your supplier portfolio gives you control over the logistics chain and clarifies where your risks and opportunities lie. You strengthen your negotiating position and identify possibilities for consolidation. It gives you the required information to manage your supply chain/logistics chain properly and to guarantee the continuity of your processes. The combination of your own data with the Dun & Bradstreet’s datacloud, provides you with the means to produce valuable analyses and management reports, such as a spend analysis, spend cube, and spend control. It enables you to convert your purchase data into business intelligence and to manage and control your expenditure on a continuous basis.

Supply intelligence

Supply intelligence provides buyers with a means of exercising continuous control over their purchases portfolio.

Management reports

Combining internal and external data provides you with valuable information on your entire logistics chain. The information adds value to your management reports.

Spend analysis

If you know exactly how much you spend with each organisation, you will have insight into saving opportunities and into the mutual dependency.This puts you in a good negotiating position.

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