I want to integrate Dun & Bradstreet data into my business systems

Feed your business systems, such as CRM or ERP, with data from Dun & Bradstreet and your systems become a consistent source of accurate, complete and up-to-date business information and insights.

Integrate D&B data

Our data in your applications

If you integrate D&B data into your systems, our data come together in one environment in your organization. We then maintain this data: it is updated daily so that you are always working with current, clean and complete information. This keeps your database clean and you don't need to make a department or person responsible for data quality. Thanks to the link with our data, you can validate customers and prospects from your systems. This is a selection at the gate: you only allow the companies you want to do business with into your systems. From those companies, the records are automatically enriched with relevant business information and insights from our rich database.

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You can connect and integrate the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud with many systems that companies around the world use, including Exact, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Onguard and CreditTools.

Want to know more about integrating D&B data into your systems?

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The benefits of integrating our data

Work faster and better and save costs.

Data Quality

Your systems are supplied with top quality data, fully automatically kept up-to-date by our solutions.

Always up to date

Correct and complete information about your customers, leads, prospects, suppliers and partners. That's informed decision making.


One data truth across all your systems and the tools you link to them.


As the only provider in the world, we provide concern structures: we make companies inc. their subsidiaries transparent and make sure they are deduplicated in your systems.


All our data can also be linked to a CRM or ERP.

Fewer costs

You won't be the first one to pay faculties twice because records appear multiple times in the ERP or CRM. With a clean database, you'll save these kinds of costs.

Our products

Our products to integrate our data


Links our data and insights to your CRM and keeps the information up to date automatically. Plus unboarding records becomes easier, error-free and more manageable.


Our unique 9-digit number is the ideal identifier to link databases and customer data.

D&B Direct+ Data Blocks

Choose 'blocks' of our data and link only the information you need to your own systems.

What can we help you with?

By integrating our rich database into your ERP system, you can benefit in many ways. For example, you clean up and keep your data clean throughout your organization. You can validate and enrich your customer and prospect information directly from your business application. Current information becomes instantly accessible within your ERP and you can use it to automate your acceptance process and improve scoring model. Read more.

You have invested in a powerful (CRM or ERP) application, but the quality of the data it contains leaves much to be desired. A great many companies are faced with this problem. Altares Dun & Bradstreet can help you normalize, rationalize, deduplicate, update, enrich and maintain your data. Read more.

Within companies there is often a lot of information. In practice, however, this information is usually fragmented and stored in different systems or databases. For a good and complete picture of your relationships, it is essential to integrate your databases into one pure master data management file. Read more.

Feeding your business systems with accurate, complete, current and consistent business information is critical to virtually all of your business processes. It allows you to use your systems and applications more effectively and efficiently. Read more.

Data quality in supplier databases often leaves much to be desired. Virtually every supply database contains duplicate, incorrect and incomplete records. Moreover, you are probably dealing with not just one, but several files. Altares Dun & Bradstreet helps you to cluster data into one pure 'vendor master file'. Read more.

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