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A Data Block is a logical, topic-based grouping of data elements from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud. It is a modern, best-in-class method of serving data in a simple, standardized, and flexible way. Data Blocks empower you to easily ingest specifically required data across your enterprise and do that in a consistent and scalable manner. 

Integrate Direct+ Data Blocks into all of your systems and applications

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Discover how Data Blocks works

Break down data into
elements of choice

Build as much or as little levels by using cubes, to gain a deeper understanding of the selected group. Discover interesting insights through thematical shading.

Data blocks
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Datablocks kubus

Data Blocks

Logical and topic-based grouping of data elements from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud

  • Modern, best-in-class method of serving data in a simple, standardized, and flexible way
  • Stack’ data blocks together to customize the data and insights to address any use case
  • Use Direct+ monitoring to maintain the highest data quality & freshness in all your business applications

Data Levels

Data levels are segmented views of the Data Blocks to address specific customer content requirements

  • Up to five levels for each Data Block
  • Licensing higher levels also provides access to lower levels

Data Blocks & the D-U-N-S Number

Als je ons D-U-N-S-nummer in het hart van je bedrijf zet, valt er een data-universum te winnen. Of je nou meer wilt leren over je belangrijkste klanten, een specifieke bedrijfstak wilt doorgronden, een UBO wil vaststellen of eenvoudigweg je data wilt verrijken: je doet het met Data Blocks. En door Direct+ Monitoring in te schakelen, hoef je nooit meer zelfstandig je data te updaten, dit gaat volledig automatisch.

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Company Entity Resolution

The process that resolves entities and identifies business relationships using the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number

Coimpany Entity Resolution

Company Information

Foundational information about a company

Company information

Principals & Contacts

Contact information on principals and company employees

principal & Contacts

Hierarchies & Connections

Hierarchical company information based on legal ownership and other connections

hierarchies and connections

Sales & Marketing Insights

Analytically-derived scores and predictive indicators to help Sales & Marketing professionals

sales and marketing insights

Company News

Published company news information

company news

Industry Profile

Industry information

industry profile

Third-Party Risk Insights

Analytically-derived scores and ratings to help Strategic Sourcing (Procure-ment) and Compli-ance professionals

third party risk insights

Diversity Insights

Modeled or reported indicators on a company’s diversity


Ownership Insights

Information on shareholders of a given business

ownership insights

Financial Strength Insights

Analytisch afgeleide scores en ratings voor financiële inzichten.

financial strength

Company Financials

Financial statement information on both private and public companies

company financials

Filings & Events

Legal information about a company

filing events

Payment Insights

Payment history on a given business

payment insights

D&B Direct+ Data Blocks

Made for your needs

Data Blocks is changing the way companies work with business information. Want to know what Data Blocks can do for you?



Find out what Direct+ Data Blocks can do for your industry

Create a single view of your third parties across the enterprise or department by providing standardized, governed data to increase efficiency across your teams, systems and entire business. The Company Entity Resolutionblock helps you match all your business records with a D-U-N-S Number. This global and unique business ID is key to suppress duplicates and to ensure smooth communication across business applications. No more data silos!

GOAL: All your systems speak the same language. Maintain a single source of truth on customers, prospects and suppliers across CRM, MDM, ERP systems. Increase productivity & data quality.

Is growth the mantra of your sales teams? And do you want to grow by providing excellent experiences for your customers and prospects? Discover the truth about these companies with our essential sales intelligence from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud: that way, you'll engage faster and be better prepared. Account managers can approach prospects faster and close more deals. The Hierarchies & Connections block helps you easily identify sales opportunities across business units, regions and subsidiaries.

GOAL: Realizing growth by using data to unlock hidden opportunities. Shorten your sales cycle and build a business based on facts. Use Direct+ into your web forms, CRM & Marketing platforms to make sure qualified leads are provided to the right teams.

As highlighted in the various surveys conducted with CPOs, costs reduction, digital transformation and effective risk management still remain the biggest challenge for purchasing departments. D&B Direct+ will enable modern organizations to accelerate onboarding with seamless data integration, to consolidate spend and maximize buying power and to avoid supply chain disruption by monitoring financial and compliance risks associated with suppliers.

GOAL: Onboarding of suppliers based on complete real time data, follow their performances while ensuring their financial strength is being monitored.

Finance and credit management professionals are tasked with improving business performance by effectively managing risk and increasing efficiency to drive profitable growth. The Direct+ data blocks offer instant integrated access to robust risk data and actionable insights for finance operations, such as failure scores, D&B rating, legal events, and credit limit. The Payment Insights block reveals the past payment behavior of a specific company.A study of Dun & Bradstreet shows that 67% of finance and credit leaders consider reliable data to be most essential to adopt automation and 58% the integration with systems & tools. With the Direct+ data blocks you can tackle both challenges at the same time.

GOAL: Master your finance data. Mitigate your organizations’ risk, improving cash collection, anticipating on business failures and reducing DSO.

In a 2016 research by Dun & Bradstreet we found that 49% of the compliance professionals say they find it increasingly difficult to comply with finance regulation. This requires a lot of time and resources for the company. It is, however, essential to avoid financial penalties and preserve your company’s reputation. With integrated, real-time access to more than 150 million beneficial owners in 226 countries, Direct+ enables you to accelerate your due diligence process, save time and resources while making sure you comply with the regulation and your own ethical standards. Legal, firmographics and ownership data will provide the foundation to implement a risk based approach and proceed with the necessary steps to comply with regulations such as AML and CFT.

GOAL: Accelerate the business while protecting your brand and avoiding sanctions.

Onze datablokken helpen marketingprofessionals aan schone en betrouwbare gegevens in hun marketing stack, zoals CRM en marketing automation tools. Verhoog de productiviteit en efficiënte van marketingteams met verrijkte klantprofielen; mondiale, consistente gegevens maken een betere segmentatie mogelijk voor gerichtere campagnes en beter gekwalificeerde leads – en de kwaliteit van rapportages neemt toe. Het blok Hierarchies & Connections geeft inzicht in hoe bedrijven met elkaar verbonden zijn, wat mogelijk een nieuwe verkoopkans creëert.

GOAL: Optimize your marketing efforts with first-time right segmentations. Discover cross and upsell opportunities while looking at the universe of prospecting data.

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About our Data Cloud

The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud provides the world's most comprehensive business intelligence and analytical insights to power business decisions. With our solutions, marketers can target more precisely and find new prospects. This, in turn, helps sales teams convert leads into paying customers faster, enabling finance departments to maintain more valuable relationships. Procurement teams work more efficiently to build and maintain relationships with third-party vendors, and compliance teams get the data and insights for a watertight KYC process so they can on-board new customers smoothly and with confidence.

400M +
Business records
5M +
Daily updates
22M +
Hierarchy members
Countries worldwide
Trade experiences

Business intelligence & analytics from 30,000 sources

Financiële archieven en verklaringen
Nationale belastingregisters
Online & Offline Publications, News, and Directions
Custom Research
Social Networks & Business Websites
Correspondents on Location
Worldwide Network Partners
Klantenfeedback & interviews
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What can we help you with?

By integrating our rich database into your ERP system, you can benefit in many ways. For example, you clean up and keep your data clean throughout your organization. You can validate and enrich your customer and prospect information directly from your business application. Current information becomes instantly accessible within your ERP and you can use it to automate your acceptance process and improve scoring model. Read more.

You have invested in a powerful (CRM or ERP) application, but the quality of the data it contains leaves much to be desired. A great many companies are faced with this problem. Altares Dun & Bradstreet can help you normalize, rationalize, deduplicate, update, enrich and maintain your data. Read more.

Within companies there is often a lot of information. In practice, however, this information is usually fragmented and stored in different systems or databases. For a good and complete picture of your relationships, it is essential to integrate your databases into one pure master data management file. Read more.

Feeding your business systems with accurate, complete, current and consistent business information is critical to virtually all of your business processes. It allows you to use your systems and applications more effectively and efficiently. Read more.

Data quality in supplier databases often leaves much to be desired. Virtually every supply database contains duplicate, incorrect and incomplete records. Moreover, you are probably dealing with not just one, but several files. Altares Dun & Bradstreet helps you to cluster data into one pure 'vendor master file'. Read more.