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Real-time data for increased conversion and better ROI

Our products help you define target groups and create segments for personalized communications and campaigns. They also help you predict future buying behavior and identify potential customers who deliver the best ROI.

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Our Sales & Marketing products

Boost your conversion and ROI

Discover our products that help you sell more to existing customers and discover new prospects.

D&B Hoovers

Want to find companies that fall within your target market? You can find them with D&B Hoovers. Simply add them to your CRM and start your campaign.

D&B Market Insight

Combine your data with our data and discover your market penetration, greenfields, lead lists, lookalikes and much more.

D&B Direct+ Data Blocks

Choose 'blocks' of our sales and marketing data and link them to your own systems and applications via our API.

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Sales & Marketing products?

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What Sales & Marketing data do we offer?

Enough data and insights for ironclad campaigns.

Corporate Linkages

Is your prospect or customer part of a larger corporation? Then there are opportunities for cross- and upsell. Corporate Linkages uncovers business relationships between corporate entities worldwide.


Find out which companies meet the characteristics of your ideal customer. This way you create relevant prospect lists which we then monitor, for a daily fresh list of relevant prospects.

Company information

Addresses, phone numbers, business registration numbers, industry data and much more business information about companies worldwide. Link them to your ABM or CDP to enrich your customer data.

Credit risk

Will that promising lead be able to pay the bill soon? Check the financial situation of your prospects and customers before investing time and money in them.

Market position

Define your market and calculate your share in it. Where are you strong and where are the growth opportunities?

Turnover data and employees

Over 500+ miljoen bedrijven wereldwijd maken we omzetgegevens en medewerkers inzichtelijk, zodat jij de bedrijven kan selecteren waarop je je wilt richten.

What can you do with our sales & marketing products?

Enriching customer profiles

Enrich your customer data with dozens of characteristics and create complete customer profiles for your ABM or CDP. Other departments that have to work with the customer data you enter, such as finance, will also be happy with up-to-date and complete customer data.

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What can you do with our sales & marketing products

Sales Triggers

A new driver, an acquisition, sales growth: get a notification when there is a reason to contact your lead or customer. Sales triggers are monitored and updated daily so they are always relevant.

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What can you do with our sales & marketing products

Better lead tracking

Integrate our data into your contact forms and your lead is automatically routed to the right account manager based on company size, revenue, geographic characteristics or other data important to you.

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What can you do with our sales & marketing products

Finding the best prospects

What software stack does your ideal client use, how much revenue does he need to have at least, or in what country does he need to operate? Based on these and dozens of other criteria, find companies that are the best fit for you. Plus they are monitored; for a daily fresh list of high-potential prospects.

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What can you do with our sales & marketing products

Improve customer experience

Base the content of your mailings, marketing materials and phone calls on current information about your prospect or customer.

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Why sales & marketing data from Altares Dun & Bradstreet?

Official partner of the global Dun & Bradstreet Network

Most complete and versatile company information

175 years of experience

Patented data quality process

Daily automatic updates for always current business information

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Data Detox

Get rid of your excess data pounds

Dirty data is costing companies worldwide clamshells of money. In addition, they miss out on profits because they cannot keep up with competitors competitors who are smarter with data and analytics. With this white paper we get you ready for efficient data management.

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What can we help you with?

Knowledge and understanding of your market is critical to your success. The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud is the largest of its kind and allows you to conduct comprehensive analysis, understand your market share and market penetration, and uncover growth opportunities.

How many companies are there actually within a particular region and how big are these companies? How many companies are active within a specific branch and how many people are employed there? You can quickly and easily make counts and selections in D&B's international companies database on the basis of many criteria. This gives you an insight into where you can best focus your efforts and where your chances of success are the greatest.

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Selecting the right target audience is the key to success of any marketing campaign. It ensures a higher response rate and lower costs. A DM or telemarketing campaign is costly and so high reach and conversion is of great importance.

You don't want to shoot with hail and aren't waiting for piles of mail returns. The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud guarantees high-quality prospect files with a high conversion rate.

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Many companies place their activities with several legal entities at home and abroad. The stakeholders in the Netherlands are often transparent via public sources, but what does such a group structure look like globally?

The global Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud gives you insight into the worldwide group structures of your business relations. For example, you may discover that almost 70% of Dutch private limited companies are linked via shares to another company in the Netherlands or abroad. More than 30% of Dutch BVs and NVs have a link to another country.

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It is a well-known fact that acquiring a new customer is 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. But did you know that there are often many opportunities and possibilities within your existing customers?

Perhaps you sell relatively little to a very large company. Or perhaps a 'small client' turns out to be part of a large concern. With the Altares Dun & Bradstreet information you can uncover new opportunities and possibilities within your existing client portfolio. These have a much greater chance of success than cold leads.

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Looking for a better return on your expensive acquisition campaigns? Selecting the right target audience is a big step in the right direction. We help you use our data, insights and tools to select the most profitable prospects based on hundreds of criteria.

By prospecting intelligently and focusing on the best prospects, you increase the chances of success for your campaigns in both the short and long term. The question is: how do you select these prospects?

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