Credit Risk Management

Predict defaulters and late payers and reduce your risk

Our data gives you insight into the payment behavior and financial position of 400+ million companies worldwide, including their subsidiaries. Estimate in time whether your new customer can pay and determine yourself with whom you do business.

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Credit risk management products

Get a grip on financial risks

Payment behavior, credit limits, risk scores and more: get a grip on the financial risks of customers and suppliers with our solutions for credit risk management.

D&B Finance Analytics

One tool for managing credit risk across your entire global portfolio, including credit risk monitoring.

D&B Global Financials

Compare companies worldwide with one standardized set of financial data.

D&B Direct+ Data Blocks

Choose 'blocks' of our credit risk data and link it to your own systems and applications via our API.

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Credit managers use our products for

Customer Acceptance

Take control and decide which companies you do or do not want to do business with based on their financial situation.

Credit managers use our products to

Determine payment term and credit limit

A late payer does not have to be a bad payer. Based on the average payment period, determine which financial conditions you will include in a contract.

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Credit managers use our products to

Predictive credit management

Predict late and defaulters and reduce the risk of your debtors, but also test your prospects, suppliers and other business relationships.

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Credit managers use our products to

Consistent credit policy

Link our data to your own systems, such as CRM and ERP, to clearly implement consistent credit policies with customers and suppliers.

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Credit managers use our products to


Use our data for automated credit checks, for example by checking your customers' creditworthiness 'under water'. Based on the outcome, you can grant appropriate financial conditions.

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The world's most versatile credit risk data

I.s.m. Dun & Bradstreet bieden we financiële data en inzichten over 400+ miljoen bedrijven wereldwijd.

Overall Business Risk

The Overall Business Risk is a global risk score based on local data. Thus, it creates a global consistent view that can be used to compare companies in different countries.


The Paydex is an analysis of millions of payments and payment experiences and shows how quickly a company pays its invoices. Every day we add thousands of payments for an up-to-date Paydex.

D&B Rating

The Dun & Bradstreet Rating has been considered the leading indicator of business risk for many years. The D&B Rating, which includes the "financial strength" (based on net equity) and the "risk factor" indicate how risky doing business with a particular company is.

Credit Limits

Recommended maximum credit that a creditor should have outstanding at one time. The limit is a calculation of company size, industry (SIC) and Risk Factor.

D&B Failure Score

Makes risk visible and is based on the largest possible amount of trading information. This score refines the D&B Rating from 1 to 4 to a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the healthier the company.

Corporate Linkages

Corporate Linkages unravels the relationships between companies within a corporate structure. We can do this thanks to the power of the D-U-N-S number; a unique 9-digit number for every entity in the world.

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Why credit risk data from Altares Dun & Bradstreet?

Exclusive partner of the worldwide Dun & Bradstreet Network in the Benelux and France

The only one in the world with extensive knowledge of corporate structures and the directors and UBOs

175 years of experience

Patented data quality process

Daily monitoring and updates ensure always current data

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Credit Monitoring

Opportunities for your organization in focus

A credit check at customer acceptance is valuable, but also immediately outdated. The real credit risk actually begins after you have accepted a customer. accepted. The solution: monitor the financial health of your customers in real time.

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Credit Monitoring


For a clean, efficient and effective customer underwriting process, you need a reliable source of up-to-date business information. Integrate Dun & Bradstreet data directly into your own environment and automate your underwriting process for fast, informed and consistent decisions. Read more.

Did a promising lead come in? Good for you! But now it's time to make some business decisions. Are you going to accept him as a customer? Can he buy on credit, and if so on what terms? When making these decisions, use our reliable business information, such as our credit risk data. Then you avoid doing business with companies that actually cannot meet their financial obligations. Read more.

Altares Dun & Bradstreet's country information informs you of everything you need to know about doing business in a specific country. You will be kept informed of important changes and of expected national developments within a country that may affect your business. Read more.

By enriching your own client information with valuable Altares Dun & Bradstreet data, you create a clear overview and always know exactly how your client portfolio is doing. Where are your risks and where are your opportunities? Based on this insight you can segment your dunning process and determine focus within your portfolio. Read more.

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