D&B Supplier Risk Manager

Get a handle on the risks in your supply chain

D&B Supplier Risk Manager provides the information and tools you need to monitor supplier relationships and prevent costly disruptions.

Anticipate third party risk

The world's only SaaS solution that can provide you with key risk indicators across 400+ million companies.


Monitor your total supply chain portfolio from one convenient dashboard for a complete overview of your risks.

Business Verification

Be prepared for disruption to your supply chain by verifying companies so you know who you are doing business with.


Create third-party profiles in which you highlight risks so that you have the best overview of high-risk suppliers.

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"If we are going to do business with a company, we want to know very precisely how it is doing. Then it's necessary to be able to objectively determine how an organization is doing in terms of payments. Based on current, complete and correct data."

Erik Prins - Credit Manager and Cash Officer


"Because we work with many different ERP systems worldwide, we were not able to clean up data adequately and had not formulated policies and governance around master data."

Jagoda Leszczynska - Master Data Quality Office

Data quality as an asset to be more competitive

Our Procurement products give you data and insights to protect your business. There are tools to do checks yourself or to fully integrate our data into your systems for automated screening.

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D&B Credit

Insight into the payment behavior and financial situation of 400+ million companies worldwide including their subsidiaries and thereof the directors and shareholders.

What can we help you with?

Do you want to make a selection based on the tenders during the pre-qualification of your tendering process? Then information about the financial situation and the possible risks of the parties is very important in order to make a well-informed choice about who you do or do not want to do business with. The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud gives you insight into the financial situation of 400+ million companies worldwide. Read more.

Using the extensive international Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, you can enrich your supplier database with valuable additional information. This will provide insight into which suppliers you do business with, and you may discover, for example, that you use multiple suppliers to purchase the same products or services. Read more.

Reliable and up-to-date information is essential in the selection process of new suppliers. The interests and risks are simply too great to trust parties 'with their blue eyes'. You can use the information in the D&B database to identify suppliers (who exactly am I doing business with). You can then map out the associated commercial risks and assess the creditworthiness. Furthermore, the mutual dependence can be mapped out. Read more.

An initial check when selecting a supplier is not sufficient. It is then important to make all changes in risks transparent and to monitor them. This keeps you informed exactly how the risks in your total supply chain are developing. Only with this information can you correctly assess all risks within your portfolio. Read more.

Insight into your supplier portfolio gives you control over the logistics chain and makes it clear where your risks and opportunities lie. You strengthen your negotiating position and identify consolidation opportunities. It gives you the information you need to manage your supply chain effectively and to guarantee the continuity of your processes. The combination of your own data with that of D&B offers you handles for making valuable analyses and management reports, such as a spend analysis, spend cube and spend control. Read more.