Credit Risk Management

Overcoming Innovation Obstacles as a Credit Manager

Innovation. The word has been flying around us for years and we no longer seem able to avoid it. Yet innovation almost always faces obstacles and resistance. How does today’s finance leader adapt his mindset to be able to perform in these turbulent times? In this paper we will be discussing 5 ways to tackle innovation barriers.

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Businesses adapt their way of working, implement innovation initiatives and just about every department takes innovation into account in their annual plans. As a credit manager, or finance leader, you sometimes have to decide to launch an innovation-oriented initiative, but you are also the person who can encourage such an initiative. Embracing change is a good first step. Are you looking for a problem for your solution or the solution to your problem? Discover in our paper how other companies have preceded you.


Technology can help to effectively relieve team members. By redefining roles and splitting up tasks, talent can be better utilized.

Use data

Data-driven is more than just a hype, it's a success formula that entitles you to focus on your business goals.

Breaking silos

There is more data available than within your department. Crossing boundaries between functions can help your organization move forward.