Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam: A glimpse into the future and AI

Michiel Scheepens
April 19, 2024 - Reading time 6 minutes

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the Salesforce World Tour at EXPO Greater Amsterdam, an event that prominently features on my annual agenda. As an avid supporter of Salesforce, I was looking forward to the unveiling of new features and the latest developments. However, I left the event with mixed feelings. Here's why.

First impressions: Innovation or overwhelming buzz?

The day began promisingly with a visit to the iconic Salesforce Customer 360 square. Here, the latest developments within platforms like Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud were presented. The theme 'CRM + AI + Data + Trust' was evident everywhere, and it seemed like AI was the answer to every challenge within the CRM world. However, this emphasis on AI sometimes felt more like a buzzword bingo than a concrete strategy. I wonder: are we perhaps more focused on promoting AI through this hype than on actually integrating it in useful, understandable ways for end-users?

Keynotes: The hope and hype of AI

The keynotes were a mix of inspiring visions of the future and harsh reality. AI dominated the conversations, and it's clear that it's a pillar upon which Salesforce is building its future. Micol Martoro, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce, emphasized that the quality of data within Salesforce should be the foundation for every AI implementation. This point struck a chord with me. It's a fact that many of us in the room were nodding in recognition, but also silently asking ourselves, "How clean is my data, actually?"

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Real conversations: enthusiasm versus reality

Between sessions, I engaged in numerous conversations at our booth. It struck me that while AI was a hot topic, many companies are still in the phase of caution. They are intrigued but also intimidated by the promises of AI. There's a discrepancy between the AI optimism on stage and the practical reality in which these companies operate. The key question that lingers is not whether AI can be useful, but how we ensure that it doesn't become merely a tool for the elite, but something that all companies, large and small, can use to create real value.

Data Governance: the underappreciated hero

Data Governance was only briefly mentioned during the event, but for me, it's the critical component that determines the success of AI. Without solid data governance, we are like sailors without a compass in the world of AI. We must acknowledge that without a strong, clean, and secure data foundation, AI projects are doomed to fail or, worse, provide misleading results.

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Conclusion: time for a reality check

If we want AI to truly become a revolutionary force in the CRM industry, we need to stop blindly celebrating the technology and pay more attention to the fundamentals. Conversations with hundreds of attendees have confirmed my belief that, while AI is popular, it will only be effective if supported by solid data and a thoughtful governance framework.

It's time for a reality check. We need to move beyond the hype and focus on building a robust, reliable, and understandable foundation for AI. Only then can we hope for a future where AI is not only impressive on paper but also valuable in practice. At Altares Dun & Bradstreet, we are committed to this approach, and I encourage everyone to critically think about how AI can truly add value to your organization. Remember: a powerful tool only works if you first ensure a solid foundation.

By the way, the Salesforce World Tour 2024 once again met my expectations. It's a fantastic event every year that I eagerly anticipate returning to. My gratitude goes out to everyone I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with, either personally or through my colleagues. Your insights and experiences are invaluable and enrich our collective journey towards technological advancement and better business outcomes. Until next year!


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