Put negative press and defaulters offside

Screen business relationships lightning fast for adverse media, credit risk, penalties and other risks and avoid negative press and defaulters. 

KYC screening for professional football organisations

Prevent negative attention for the club by doing business only with companies and individuals with integrity. Screen business relationships and investors on-demand for dozens of compliance risks and keep risks out of the stadium.


Verify sponsors and find out who the UBOs are and screen them on international sanctions and PEP lists.

Investor relations

Find out how a company relates to the corporate structure and uncover money flows.

Business Seat holders

Screen Business Seat holders on numerous compliance risks and know who you are doing business with. 

What can you screen for?

Screen companies and individuals in the Netherlands and abroad:

How to screen?

From on-demand screening to automated screening in your own systems.


On-demand screening of companies and individuals at home and abroad for dozens of compliance risks.


Our compliance data linked in real-time to your systems. Enrich your contacts with our compliance scores.

What happens next season?

What is true now may not be true next year. That's why it's wise to monitor your investors and business relationships.

Suppose your sponsor is taken over by a sanctioned company or person, such a risk should not sneak into your portfolio unseen. Thanks to monitoring, you get a timely alert and can take action before it leads to problems.

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What can we help you with?

With our data we can identify UBOs, pseudo-UBOs and shareholders of national and international organizations worldwide. You then screen these individuals on-demand (individually or in bulk) through our tools or integrated into your own systems or apps.

The cost depends on a number of factors, such as the number of companies and/or individuals to be screened and whether monitoring is used. You will always receive a tailor-made price.

If you want to screen companies and individuals on-demand, you use tooling that is available immediately. If you want to integrate our compliance data into your own system, such as a CRM or ERP, the implementation will take several weeks.

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