I want to uncover connections to criminal activities

Law enforcement agencies face a number of challenges while investigating criminal activity. Decisions need to be made in real time – and often times investigations produce missing or outdated information. In order to effectively combat crime and identify threats, agencies need a way to quickly – and accurately – reduce the haystack and accelerate investigations.

Law Enforcement

Altares Dun & Bradstreet
can help law enforcement agencies through Intelligence-Led Policing. With access to global business information and predictive analytics, agencies can quickly and effectively identify businesses and executives – and uncover connections to criminal activities.

Understanding Corporate Relationships

Navigating the enormously complex chains of ownership and association that finance terrorism or other harmful activities is a necessary, yet challenging task. It requires up-to-date information that highlights associations between companies and executives.

Enforcement led by information

Today, it is important that customs authorities systematically integrate up-to-date information in order to speed up investigations and to detect possible illegal activities.

Predictive Policing

Law enforcement today is accountable for not only traditional investigations, but is tasked with preventing criminal activities and reducing crime rates. By utilizing disparate sources of data and uncovering hidden insights, law enforcement can anticipate, respond and prevent criminal activities.

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