Whether you’re focused on verifying new partners, creating a master data file or determining creditworthiness, our global database provides crucial information that can easily be streamed into your internal environment through our world-class API’s.

Data: Anytime, Anywhere

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) enables real-time information management for every department to achieve common business goals. From marketing to finance or compliancy: optimize time-consuming processes by automating insights and remaining proactive.

Integrate our data into all kinds of systems and applications, including the “best-in-class” workflow systems, to achieve your highest return on investment.

Grow your business with D&B Direct

Our D&B Direct web service streams real-time global data to your business applications. Your teams will always have access to crucial insights to help them make important decisions.

Real-time data

Optimize data management by allowing current insights to flow directly through your organization.

Complete profiles

Power your AP, CRM, EP and MDM systems with data from one valuable, leading source of valuable and relevant data.

Supported decisions

Comprehensive business features such as industry codes, company structures and risk analysis for better decision making.

Seeing risks and opportunities

Turn data into a powerful weapon and use analytics to identify both opportunities and risks

Automate processes

Automate time-consuming decision processes across all customer and supplier databases

Enrich leads

Enrich company profiles with powerful data and analytics to grow the best customer relationships


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