D&B Onboard

Investigate your relationships and avoid reputation damage, unexpected crime and risk exposure that come along with certain third parties. D&B Onboard enables you to digitally document all due diligence information required to ensure compliance.

Risk & Compliance

Investigate third parties on a deeper level to minimize risk exposure. We help you ensure corporate compliance by offering all detailed due diligence information in one user-friendly platform. Reduce manual research, anticipate developments and act on reliable data.

Fraud prevention & AML

Regulatory compliance

Anti-bribery & corruption

How D&B Onboard works

Deep investigation

Verify the correct business entity, analyze its international corporate hierarchy and reveal beneficial owners within 10 seconds. Uncover as well underlying parties as individuals.

Fast screening

Screen business entities and individuals on all PEP- and sanction lists worldwide to avoid unexpected surprises and protect your reputation.

Constant monitoring

Keep on monitoring your existing relations after screening them, to stay informed on potential red flag changes within your portfolio.

Digital audit trail

Efficiently document your audit trail and maintain all required documentation in one digital environment. Easily ensure regulatory compliance.

Request additional help

Are you missing information? Get in touch with us and we’ll give advice or start an additional research to help you further.

All Due Diligence information in one platform

Company & financial details

Verify the identity of business entities and analyze their financial performance.

Corporate structures

Map international relations to uncover hidden, associated parties to avoid unexpected risk.

Directors & shareholders

Identify underlying UBO’s to understand who you’re eventually doing business with.

Sanction- and PEP lists

Screen companies and individuals on crimes or fraud, for a clean portfolio.

Risk profiles

Consult ratings and predictive analytics that help you mitigate risk.

Legal documentation

Proactively monitor your portfolio and stay updated to outsmart fraud.

Interested in D&B Onboard?

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