Protect your organisation against hidden risks by identifying trading partners and their indirect relationships. Avoid unnecessary fines, reputational damage and comply with laws and regulations. InDueD offers all due diligence information for a thorough and efficient corporate compliance process.


Ensuring corporate compliance in the most efficient way

Gain insight into real-time business profiles, international corporate structures and stakeholders.

With all the crucial insights to verify, screen and monitor relationships, IndueD ensures a clear and systematic due diligence process. Comply efficiently with laws and regulations and save both time and costs.


Company profiles


Beneficial owners


Politically exposed persons


Sanction lists

Features & Benefits of IndueD

Company verification

Ensure the true existence of your third parties all across the globe. Verify the entity, international corporate structure and beneficial owners with a single click of a button.

Bulk screening

Save time by screening thousands of companies simultaneously and enriching them with extra insights: the ‘roots’ of the entity, underlying parties and individuals on all black lists worldwide.

Automatic enrichment

Stay informed of changes in their network or risk profile even after screening and boarding third parties. Monitor your portfolio and maintain a constant overview.

Continuous portfolio monitoring

Document all findings and official information in an online environment, so you always have them at hand. It’s not only faster, it’s also safer.

Digital audit trail documentation

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All the crucial CDD insights in one platform

Company information

Verify the identity of customers or suppliers. Extensively map out their risk profile.

Corporate structures

Discover international connections with underlying parties to whom a company is related.

Directors & UBO

Identify directors and also identify underlying stakeholders to know who you are ultimately doing business with

Sanctions and PEP lists

Screen both companies and individuals on all sanction lists worldwide, for a pure portfolio.

Risk analysis

In addition to scores and predictive models, consult other insights that help you avoid risks.

Official documentation

Consult documentation about news or court rulings as additional evidence


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