Market Insight

Understand your market place and customers by combining your internal- with our external commercial data. Market Insight helps you combine and transform raw data sets into visualized analytics. Create guidelines that explain the story behind reliable data to effectively drive growth.

Evolve your global market intelligence

Global market data

Consult commercial data on +300 million companies as a solid basis for your market- or customer analyses.

Combined with your data

Upload your own customer insights. Combine them with Dun & Bradstreet’s commercial data for a complete customer view.

To explore opportunities

Add intelligence. Transform raw data into enlightening analyses to optimize your marketing strategy. The data is there, just like the resources.

How Market Insight works

Upload your market- or customer data

Define your goals or questions and upload your own relevant, internal data. From customer behavior up to pipeline results or transactional data: anything is possible.

Enrich your data

Choose which commercial insights of our global database you need to achieve your goals. Find accurate data on verticals, entire international groups or trade information.  The business universe is yours.

Create analyses

Combine the chosen data elements through analytical tools that help you connect the dots. Create complete datasets or analyses.

Present enlightening visuals

Translate your analyses into clarifying visuals that are understandable for everyone. Easily share the story of your analytics and use your results for any marketing- or sales purposes.

Ready to start exploring?

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