Supplier Risk Manager

Verkrijg inzicht in je Supply Chain en beheer je leveranciersportfolio. Met Supplier Risk Manager bewaak je de continuïteit van goederenstromen en voorkom reputatieschade. Anticipeer risico en bewaak stabiliteit.

The deepest insights in your supplier portfolio


Quickly verify the identity of all your suppliers to make sure they actually exist and confirm their details.

Vendor Due diligence

Make decisions based on complete background information of your suppliers and related parties

Risk analyses

Get insight in the overall risk of suppliers and the environment they operate in. Mitigate risk and prevent supply chain disruption.

Supply Chain optimization

Identify the most reliable suppliers in any country worldwide. Get insight in their behavior and performance

Spend management

Benefit from a clean supplier base without duplicates. Identify international corporate hierarchies and reduce cost by purchasing on group level.

Portfolio management

Organize, analyze and easily manage your supplier portfolio through analytics and segmentation functionalities.

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