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Roon Hulshoff
Tom van Dael
CFO bij Fox-IT

Webinar overview

The real value of data-driven work
McKinsey found that only 6% of decision makers are satisfied with the current level of innovation. The desire to innovate does not always lead to successful implementation. Change is exciting for all parties involved, and for innovation to be successful, leadership and vision are needed. With the advent of AI innovations such as ChatGPT, now is the time to develop an informed data strategy.

Een datastrategie stroomlijnt businessdoelstellingen
Datagedreven initiatieven zijn in de meeste organisaties, al dan niet op afdelingsniveau, in enige vorm wel aanwezig. Maar vaak is er geen organisatiebreed perspectief hoe inzichten uit data over de diverse afdelingen toegepast kunnen worden om zo schaalbaar producten en diensten aan te bieden. Bij datagedreven ontwikkeling is het dus zeer belangrijk dat er een eenduidige visie en strategie is. Deze zorgen namelijk voor de samenhang en alignment binnen de organisatie en stroomlijnen alle datagedreven initiatieven naar een en hetzelfde doel.

'Companies that have spearheaded data-driven work as part of their strategy are seeing revenue growth, offering better customer experiences and simply operating more efficiently.'

In this webinar, Roon Hulshoff of Data Mind Your Business (DMYB) and Tom van Dael CFO at Fox-IT give their views on data-driven development. 'Actual value of data-driven work only emerges when decisions are made based on the insights obtained. These actions should then be focused on value realization with a strong focus on customer need and end user.'

What is needed to successfully implement data-driven work? What knowledge transfer takes place between systems? And how do you get the full potential out of the existing assets? These and more questions will be answered during this webinar.

  • How to say goodbye to all the data silos in your organization;
  • What a foundation of data strategy consists of;
  • How strategy, technology, process, organizational dynamics and human assets can be aligned;
  • Innovate incrementally based on insights from data.

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