Linking Databases: Get Your Data Moving (NL)

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Do you ever struggle with messy and unreliable data? Is it scattered across multiple databases, platforms or even spreadsheets? Do you experience differing records from customers in different systems? Or duplicate records, inconsistent spelling and naming rules, low fill rate of descriptive information about companies, incomplete concern structures or vague category definitions? If so, you have a master data problem.

In this white paper, we show how master data can move through your organization, eliminating working in data silos. Next, we show how Data-as-a-Service solutions allow data to flow smoothly, both between various internal and external databases.

  • Become lord and master of your master data

    How do you become lord and master of all the data in your organization? Find out in our paper full of concrete tips.
  • The benefits of moving corporate data

    Linking databases leads to a wide range of concrete benefits in areas such as marketing, sales, compliancy, accounts receivable management and supply chain management. We highlight a number of benefits in this paper.
  • Checklist: how to make sure data actually adds value

    Is data about your company's business relationships dynamic enough to add value organization-wide? Find out by following our checklist.

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