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Technology represents the 'how' for change, us humans decide 'why'. Our innovative data experts are therefore convinced that data is only valuable when it has a purpose. Curious to our way of thinking? Find out about our goals and beliefs!


The challenges of an ESG-strategy

It has become impossible to ignore environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges. Although many ESG regulations are still in their infancy, companies are already under pressure to formulate their ESG policies and meet the associated targets.

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Credit Risk Management

Managing green money

ESG scores to measure sustainability are in the making and companies are increasingly forcing themselves to be transparent about the organization's sustainable policies. It is logical that sustainability is now playing an increasingly important role in business, and where money is spent and invested there is a credit manager. As a result, the credit manager must also start paying attention to sustainability. What should you pay attention to?

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ESG is the new corporate social responsibility

Whereas before you could still hear everyone talking about corporate social responsibility, now everyone seems to be concerned with ESG. But what exactly are the differences between ESG and CSR?  And what does ESG entail? This blog explains how ESG came about and why ESG is the new CSR.

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