CSR Report Altares Dun & Bradstreet 2023

How are we doing in terms of ESG?
Henrica Westhoeve
15 December 2023 - Reading time 3 minutes

We have previously discussed how ESG is becoming increasingly important. This has often been followed by the question, 'What is Altares doing in the field of ESG?' Because we consider transparency important, we have compiled a report on Altares & ESG. In this report, you can read about the ESG efforts we are currently making and how we are being assessed in this regard. We outline what we are doing to support our ethical growth and highlight areas where we aim to further improve.

Below is a brief selection of the initiatives. Download the complete report here.

E. Environment

To reduce the ecological footprint of our company, various training sessions have been organized to raise awareness among employees about their own footprint. Additionally, we have explored ways to make our offices more sustainable, reduce waste, and adjusted our travel policy to encourage the use of public transportation and minimize air travel.

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S. Social

Employees are the heart of our organization, which is why there are multiple initiatives promoting personal growth and equality in the workplace. We have a diversity department dedicated to improving and maintaining diversity in the workplace, and we assist new employees with a comprehensive onboarding process to make them feel welcome from the start. To ensure that employees are continuously stimulated in the long term, they have access to an online portal where they can take courses. These courses cover business-related topics as well as themes related to personal development.

G. Governance

As the world's largest business database holder, we possess a significant amount of (privacy-sensitive) data. Therefore, data governance is a top priority for us. We adhere to high standards in terms of privacy and data collection, and we hold a high level of accountability to keep this data secure. We are committed to gathering and processing data only in an ethically responsible manner and in accordance with the law.

Internally, there are multiple teams collaborating to ensure transparency and security. We have a Data Protection Officer, a Supervisory Board, and a team dedicated to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The CSR team organizes challenges related to sustainability and regularly conducts fundraising campaigns.

This is just a brief summary of all the initiatives and best practices related to ESG. For a detailed overview, more facts, and initiatives, the full CSR Report by download.


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