I want to establish beneficial ownership (UBO) in complicated global organisation structures

Perhaps the single biggest challenge today is to establish beneficial ownership (UBO) at the same time as global organisational structures becoming more complex to support the interests of that organisation.

The ultimate beneficial owner

Almost 70% of Dutch private limited companies (BVs) are linked to another Dutch or international business through shares. Over 30% of Dutch companies are linked to foreign companies. Dun & Bradstreet’s datacloud is the most complete and reliable data source for insight in the Dutch and Global corporate structures of your business partners, delivering insight from the smallest and less established businesses to the largest multinationals with thousands of branches.

Shareholders information

At Altares Dun & Bradstreet we are creating new tools and ways of getting to our core data assets on global share ownership and helping you get to the ‘holy grail’ of beneficial ownership first time, more often, more quickly than ever before.

  • We collate and maintain share ownership for both corporate entities and for individuals in hundreds of countries. We then make the analysis of this information easier through:
  • Visualisation of corporate ownership structures up to and including corporate ownership over 5% or more
  • Ability to add individual shareholders to ownership trees and reference you source of information for complete transparency and audit
  • Get full ownership details and, type of share ownership and percentage on more companies in more countries than any other global provider of business information
  • Establish ‘ultimate benificial ownership’ (UBO)

We know that this process can be time consuming to get it right and establish all the inter-relationships between companies and people and multiple levels of a family tree. That is why we offer analysis and research tools to establish those links and ‘ultimate benificial ownership’ (UBO) before you ‘deep dive’ into information on those businesses and people. This saves you time and money and potentially reduces the number of entities you then have to screen.

Corporate structure

Expose the entire family structure and discover in good time that there are relationships with several business units in your company or with your business relation’s organisation.

Conflict of interest

Match your business relations to the Dun & Bradstreet datacloud and discover in good time whether there could be a conflict of interest.

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Other possible challenges

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