How can I improve my client reputational & regulatory risk segmentation?

More stringent regulatory requirements mean that existing solutions for global risk management may no longer be adequate. Dun & Bradstreet, supported by our partners RDC the Regulatory Data Corp, offers a fresh approach enabling you to maximise protection while simplifying compliance and driving efficiencies.

Regulatory Data Corp

RDC provide the most powerful public source risk data archive for global Watch Lists, Adverse Media and Politically Exposed Persons, with access to their GRID database containing hundreds of regulatory and disciplinary authority and government lists from around the world available via our Onboard product. Their database is a continuously updated archive on known or suspected money launderers, terrorists of organisations and persons. The adverse media, incorporated into GRID, is derived from over 10,000 individual global sources.

Moreover, it offers specialised data such as PEP Connect. PEP Connect provides over 1m profiles of senior officeholders, military officials, judicial figures, regional and municipal officials, and political party leaders to provide users critical PEP intelligence based on FATF principles.

Core features include:

  • 100% public source risk intelligence database
  • 5.5 million unique records, continuously updated
  • Data pulled from 10,000+ individual sources from the web and premium new aggregation services
  • 400+ regulatory and disciplinary authority and government lists
  • Market leading Iran-related risk data

By bringing RDC and Dun & Bradstreet together you can simplify your onboarding process by enabling you to verify, identify, and screen for regulatory and reputational risk assessment in one single place. We can improve your reputational and regulatory mitigation by quickly identifying critical risk, with ranked results for an immediate view of high priority risks.

Corporate structure

Expose the entire family structure and discover in good time that there are relationships with several business units in your company or with your business relation’s organisation.

Conflict of Interest

Match your business relations to the Dun & Bradstreet datacloud and discover in good time whether there could be a conflict of interest.

Enforcement led by information

Today, it is important that customs authorities systematically integrate up-to-date information in order to speed up investigations and to detect possible illegal activities.

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