I want to monitor developments in my accounts receivable portfolio

Your customer portfolio is the basis of your company. An insight into the risk associated with existing customers and monitoring changes in the risk can help you to respond immediately and to take measures, if necessary. This helps you to prevent losses and gives you a grip on your accounts receivable portfolio.

Control of your portfolio

You can create a clear overview and always know exactly what the situation is with your customer portfolio by enhancing your customer information with valuable, up-to-date Dun & Bradstreet data. Where are your risks and where are your opportunities? An understanding of this provides you with a basis for segmenting your reminder procedure and determining the right focus in your portfolio. This enables you to use your time as efficiently as possible with the maximum result. Information on the corporate group structures of your customers enables you to determine what your total risk exposure is in a corporate group structure. Monitor changes in risk and payment behaviour in your customer portfolio and, if necessary, take timely action by adjusting our credit limits, for example.

Optimise your credit policy

Having up-to-date information on your customers enables you to make your credit policy more effective and efficient.

Reduce DSO

Reduce the outstanding balance by conducting proper checks of the creditworthiness and acceptance of new customers and base reminder actions on this.


Segment your customer portfolio on the basis of turnover and risk and base your conditions and reminder policy on this.

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