Altares Dun & Bradstreet receives Great Place to Work label

Reading time 2 minutes | Written by Henrica Westhoeve | 15 February 2024


The Great Place to Work® institute has certified Altares Dun & Bradstreet as a 'Great Place to Work.' This is a wonderful recognition of Altares' dedication to an open and transparent culture, focused on trust, well-being, and development of its employees.

A look behind the scenes

We spoke with some enthusiastic employees to discuss what makes Altares so unique.

Trust and freedom

"The freedom I have at Altares is enormous," says Jorick, senior sales executive. "There is room for initiative, making mistakes is allowed and even encouraged. And when there are successes, we like to celebrate them together."

Michiel, marketing leader Benelux, agrees: "Responsibility is something you have to earn, but if you can do that, you get a lot of freedom in return."

Openness and collegiality

"Our open-door policy is really true," says Jorick. "You can walk into anyone's office, even with the senior management. Everyone is willing to take some time to listen and help you."

That openness contributes to strong collegiality. "There are many colleagues I enjoy meeting outside of work hours," says Jorick. "That mix of work and fun makes it extra enjoyable."

Personal development and growth

Altares invests in the development of its employees. Thirza, HR recruiter, explains: "We offer various trainings, both online and offline. And roles are flexibly structured. The role should fit the person, not the other way around."

"If we see talent in someone, we assess how that person fits within our organization," Thirza continues. "Even as someone's role grows, we examine whether the job profile still aligns."

More than just work

Altares is more than a Great Place to Work. It's a dynamic environment where employees feel valued, free, and challenged. With a focus on development, collegiality, and a healthy dose of fun, Altares is an employer you can proudly be a part of. In the coming years, we will continue to focus on improving colleague satisfaction and aim to be in the top 10 best employers. Curious? Check out our vacancies here.

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