I would like to clarify and monitor the risks in the entire supply chain

Assuring the continuity of your supply chain/logistics chain is essential for proper business operations. You ensure that your processes continue to work optimally and that is only possible if you have clarity about your entire chain and can monitor it.

Monitor risks

An initial check when selecting a supplier isn’t sufficient. Following this, it’s important to clarify and monitor any changes in the risks. This keeps you right up to date about how the risks in your total supply chain are changing. You can only correctly assess the risks in your portfolio if you have this information. It will give you an understanding of how much you spend with high-risk suppliers and what your dependency on each other is. This enables you to make timely adjustments and to seek alternatives, if necessary. You will make your logistics process more efficient and effective, and by minimising your risks you avoid losses and reduce costs.

Supply problems

Identify your suppliers and continuously monitor the risks in order to prevent supply problems and to secure the continuity of your processes.

Project funding requests

Being able to demonstrate that you proactively analyse your logistics chain and the risks may help accelerate funding requests.

Changes in the supplier’s financial situation

It is essential for you to know in good time of any changes in your supplier’s financial situation, so that you can take appropriate measures.

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