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Artificial Intelligence and Credit Risk Management (English)

In this webinar you will learn, among other things:

10 December

10:30 uur - 11:15 uur


Joris Peeters
Chief Data Scientist
Barry de Goeij
Data Scientist

Webinar overview

To get a grip on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence on business data, we would like to explain how, from our data vision, we apply this technology on a daily basis to arrive at the most reliable credit risk scores.

The AI revolution is unlocking massive business potential for companies. Machine learning technologies are going to take over more and more and more complex routine tasks from employees. If this shifts their attention to non-routine, analytical and creative tasks? Then AI is making the most of human ability. Our credit risk solutions use adaptive scoring; scores that dynamically adjust to a changing economic environment.

How does this work and which companies have already implemented it?
Ontdek het in onze webinar op dinsdag 30 november.

  • How does AI help make the largest corporate database worldwide richer every day?
  • How do we ensure the quality of our corporate data?
  • How do we ensure the quality of our corporate data?
  • Custom scores vs Adaptive scores
  • What is AI and what is it not?
  • The applicability of AI layering in existing models
  • Use cases - who went before you?
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