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Welcome to the future: Discover the power of Credit Risk Management with our latest AI-driven platform

We are excited to welcome you to D&B Finance Analytics, the newest era in AI-driven credit management. Your customer environment will soon be automatically migrated from "D&B Credit" to our advanced platform, providing you with unparalleled business insight and risk management capabilities.

Powered by the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, D&B Finance Analytics provides instant access to industry-leading corporate credit scores, predictive analytics and comprehensive global data. With features such as configurable alerts, portfolio analysis and global consistency in financial statements, this platform enables your credit team to make decisions with confidence and effectively manage your global portfolio.

This migration opens the door to a new world of possibilities for your organization. Discover the power of D&B Finance Analytics and make your credit management more efficient and effective than ever before.

Five questions, five answers

No, the existing contract and the conditions will not change and will continue as before. Only the user interface is upgraded, so that you as a customer benefit from a modern, more powerful platform with some additional functions and optimizations.

No, any pre-existing data from your D&B Credit workspace will automatically be moved to your new D&B Finance Analytics workspace. In addition, with D&B Finance Analytics you still have access to the usual Dun & Bradstreet company reports, the predictive scores, business insights and portfolio management functions that you know from D&B Credit - but all this with additional functions and optimizations in a modern, high-performance platform, which continuously supports forward-looking developments.

No, All active D&B Credit users are automatically transferred to Finance Analytics. All inactive or deactivated users will not be transferred. However, any data in the workspace related to an inactive or disabled user will be transferred for your audit trail.

As long as the user has logged in to D&B Credit in the last 90 days prior to the redirect, they can access Finance Analytics with the same login credentials. If the last login date is more than 90 days ago, the user must follow the "Reset Password" link on the login page.

You have the following options to get to know Finance Analytics better:

You can get a first impression with the video at the top of this page. In just a few minutes, it gives a short introduction and shows you a brief comparison of the core functionalities of D&B Credit and D&B Finance Analytics.

You can get a deeper understanding through the training materials on this page or by watching the training video’s, which are available free of charge.

In addition to the training materials, a virtual assistant is also available to you in D&B Finance Analytics itself. The virtual assistant can be accessed via the blue question mark button at the bottom right of any page you are currently on in D&B Finance Analytics. Simply select the topics for which you would like to take short, interactive tour online - you will be guided through the topics step by step and interactively and you will immediately learn where to find which functions and how to use them.

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