Artificial intelligence: 5 examples and 6 trends for businesses

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Although the AI revolution has yet to fully gain its momentum, success stories are already out there. Consider the chatbot of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which handles more than 50 percent of its 130,000 social media mentions with at least 95 percent accuracy. Or L'Oréal, Pepsi and Ikea, who are saving 30 percent on their recruitment costs thanks to a robot from the company Strafory. But what do I gain from AI within my business operations? A fair question. With a simple answer: a lot.

  • 5 examples of AI for businesses

    To illustrate what AI can bring businesses now and in the near future, we take a look at 5 applications in this white paper.
  • AI trends to keep an eye on

    Chief data scientist at Dun & Bradstreet, Anthony Scriffignano, discusses 6 trends, for which he offers suitable advice.
  • AI in everyday life

    As data volume and computing power continue to increase while algorithms become more sophisticated, we are soon going to see AI solutions in all facets of daily life. We share a few examples in this paper.

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