External business intelligence: grow and save through unknown data gems

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More and more companies are recognizing the power of data. And they are right to do so. With good data and ditto analytics you are no longer at the mercy of educated guesses, but you take decisions based on data. How can you extract valuable insights from the mountain of data that you have? Discover it in this white paper.

  • Discover the unknown data gems

    For companies, there is a treasure of data gems available that they may not have thought of yet, but could be very useful. We provide a few examples.
  • 9 ways to boost your organization with external data

    Discovering new markets, avoiding risk, prospecting smarter: it's all possible when you use business intelligence as a strategic resource. We give you 9 examples of how you can boost your business by making smart use of external business data.
  • Use case

    Discover in a use case from our own organization how we managed to increase retention and customer satisfaction by using external data.

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