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No one will deny that data is important for a company. If you want to print out good reports, quickly find customer data or perform financial credit checks, then you must be able to rely on up-to-date and complete business information. But what is the most efficient way to manage data? And what processes do you use to streamline things? We provide answers to these questions in this white paper.

  • The importance of good master data management

    It used to be only the “IT guy” who was responsible for storing data. Nowadays, almost everyone in the organization has to deal with it. We have higher demands on the availability and ease of use of data nowadays. It has to be quickly accessible, up-to-date and available for everyone.
  • Master data: From manual entry to automation

    Manual entry of data into systems often involves human error. 100% up-to-date data in your CRM, ERP and other business information systems is therefore a very unlikely scenario. In fact, in the dynamic business world, and due to ever-changing and complex legislation, the shelf life of your data is becoming shorter and shorter.
  • Successful master data management in 5 steps

    Data is a goldmine for companies. At least if you can guarantee the quality. Or even better, have thought out the management of master data. Do you also want to seize the opportunities of master data management, but don’t know how? We highlight 5 important steps to get started.

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