Infographic: From raw data to business boost

Reading Time 4 minutes | Written by Michiel Scheepens | May 17, 2018

Data is a valuable resource for your business. In fact, external business data about your customers, suppliers and prospects can be invaluable. It helps you to discover growth opportunities, avoid risks, and save time and costs. Yet not all companies are aware of the potential of external company data. How do you boost your business performance with this data?

Data-driven work is more than just hype. It is a formula for success that sends you around opinions, guesses, ifs and buts, so that you go straight for your business goals. Because thanks to data you can see through markets and know everything about customers, products, prospects and suppliers. Not surprisingly, data-driven companies perform much better.

Only: how do you find something useful in the flood of data today? An added complication is that you may not even know what you are looking for - because you don't realize what is out there.

Data on 300 million companies

What is in any case readily available: external company data. The Dun & Bradstreet database gives you access to company information on 300 million companies worldwide. This includes corporate structures, trade data, payment data, credit ratings, sanction lists and dozens of other types of data.

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Dirty data is costing companies worldwide clamshells of money. In addition, they miss out on profits because they cannot keep up with competitors competitors who are smarter with data and analytics. With this white paper we get you ready for efficient data management.

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Data Detox

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