Streamline credit management & reduce risk with automation

Say goodbye to manual processes and human error. Credit Risk Automation simplifies the entire process, from screening to monitoring, reducing risk and improving your bottom line.
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Credit Risk Management Automation

What is credit risk management automation?

Credit Risk Management Automation creates one automated workflow for identifying, screening and monitoring customers and suppliers worldwide. Through custom scoring, customer segments can be assessed based on risk appetite and 24/7 monitoring ensures that you receive timely alerts on important changes in your portfolio.

Credit Risk Management Automation

Credit Management VS Credit Risk Automation

Automate your workflow, save costs, and get your credit process in sync with the rest of the organization.

Credit Report
Data Enrichment
Customer Acceptance
Custom scoring

Credit Management

Manually request credit reports on a new customer or supplier.
Enrich accounts with deeper insights via batches of data.
Being surprised by risks due to changes at the customer or supplier.
Review and process new customers (partially) manually.
Screen customers and suppliers with a generic scoring model.
Use of different data sources create data silos.

Credit Risk Automation

Automated credit check when a new customer is created in CRM.
Accounts automatic enrichment with deepening insights.
24/7 monitoring discovers the risks in your portfolio and sends alerts.
Customer acceptance process automated away within existing workflow.
Custom scoring apply to customer segments.
One data source with current and reliable business (financial) information.

Our clients about Credit Risk Management Automation


"Our credit process is largely automated. It takes us relatively little time to screen relationships, which gives a big boost to our results."

Erik Prins
Credit Manager and Cash Officer
Logo Carel Lurvink

What if I did not have any data and had delivered to a customer who is now bankrupt?” It is not possible to express in figures what this successful collaboration with Altares Dun & Bradstreet has yielded us."

Julius Lurvink
Julius Lurvink
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"The alerts we receive when there are changes in a particular customer's situation mean additional time savings and a guarantee that we won't overlook important information."

Elke Segers
Elke Segers
Commercial Accounting & Controlling Manager

Make informed decisions based on the world's most versatile data

With insights into the financial health of 500+ million companies worldwide, Altares offers Dun & Bradstreet the world's most versatile credit risk data.

Overall Business Risk

The Overall Business Risk is a global risk score based on local data. Thus, it creates a global consistent view that can be used to compare companies in different countries.


The Paydex is an analysis of millions of payments and payment experiences and shows how quickly a company pays its invoices. Every day we add thousands of payments for an up-to-date Paydex.

D&B Rating

The Dun & Bradstreet Rating has been considered the leading indicator of business risk for many years. The D&B Rating, which includes the "financial strength" (based on net equity) and the "risk factor" indicate how risky doing business with a particular company is.

Credit Limits

Recommended maximum credit that a creditor should have outstanding at one time. The limit is a calculation of company size, industry (SIC) and Risk Factor.

D&B Failure Score

This score refines the D&B Rating from 1 to 4 to a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the healthier the company. Over the past thirty years, this score could predict some 80% of bankruptcies.

Corporate Linkages

Corporate Linkages unravels the relationships between companies within a corporate structure. We can do this thanks to the power of the D-U-N-S number; a unique 9-digit number for every corporate entity in the world.

Effortlessly integrated into your way of working


Is your software not listed? Through our API we can create links with almost all credit management software.

Turnkey integrations with credit management software

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