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Technology represents the 'how' for change, us humans decide 'why'. Our innovative data experts are therefore convinced that data is only valuable when it has a purpose. Curious to our way of thinking? Find out about our goals and beliefs!

Blog: Waarom het tijd is voor CFO’s om de volledige potentie van data te benutten - Altares
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It's time for CFOs to unlock the power of unused data

The role of CFO has changed drastically in last few months. Also prompted by the corona crisis, new digital practices are being introduced within the workplace. Let's take a look at how todays CFOs play a role in unlocking the full potential of unused data.

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Vliegtuig - Barometer faillisementen juni 2021
Credit Risk Management

The June 2021 Barometer: 66% fewer bankruptcies

By June 2021 (1-7-2021), a total of 101* bankruptcies have been declared. That's a whopping 66% fewer than the number of failures during the same period last year (295). With 192 bankruptcies, March 2021 is still the month with the most bankruptcies in 2021.

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