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Technology represents the 'how' for change, us humans decide 'why'. Our innovative data experts are therefore convinced that data is only valuable when it has a purpose. Curious to our way of thinking? Find out about our goals and beliefs!

Altares - ESG Diner 2023

The highlights of the ESG Dinner 2023

On Tuesday, November 21, 2023, the first edition of Altares' ESG Dinner took place in Rotterdam. In this blog, we reflect on the event and share the meaningful insights that defined this beautiful evening.

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How to prevent a bad reputation

With the advent of social media and 24/7 news coverage, companies are increasingly under a magnifying glass. A poor reputation can lead to significant losses. Fortunately, as a company, there's much you can do to prevent this.

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Credit Risk Management

How to surivive the jungle called credit risk? 

A company is not a bank, but somewhere it is. Certainly larger companies that deliver to other companies (B2B) are often faced with the dilemma of whether or not to deliver in advance. Because while delivering ahead is customer-friendly, delivering also comes with its risks. How do you navigate the world of lending? 

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Credit Risk Management

Credit Risks: To take, avoide or insure?

With the broadest sense of credit provision, risks arise. Can the company repay this credit? Will this company pay on time? Is it wise to take risks occasionally, or is it better to avoid them or insure against them?

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Master Data Management

A complete data strategy: In 4 steps from plan to execution

For something that is everywhere and always present, it often gets remarkably little attention. It is, of course, data. The remarkable thing about data is that everyone who spends most of their working days behind the computer is amassing mountains of it. Everything you look up, type in, process or transfer. But for what purpose, really? 

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