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Technology represents the 'how' for change, us humans decide 'why'. Our innovative data experts are therefore convinced that data is only valuable when it has a purpose. Curious to our way of thinking? Find out about our goals and beliefs!

Master Data Management

Six data trends we will see in 2023

Businesses face another challenging year in 2023 due to continued slow economic growth, increased complex regulations and rising operating costs. One of the most effective ways to build resilience in businesses is to be proactive and prepared for an unpredictable environment.

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Master Data Management

Come on in, Sinterklaas, and bring your data along!

Sinterklaas had an immense Master Data problem, but of course we didn't leave this good man out in the cold. Looking for a more efficient way of working this busy festive month? Find out how we helped Sinterklaas get his data in order.

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Credit Risk Management

How do you integrate ESG into a credit risk assessment?

The classic approach to credit risk management consists of looking at a company's profitability, liquidity and solvency. More and more you read that ESG does have an impact on credit risk assessments and investments. Laws and regulations regarding ESG are also taking shape and expanding.

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How to protect your company against fraud

A fraud risk assessment framework is a process that helps identify areas where an organization is vulnerable to fraud so that you can develop concrete plans. When such an analysis is done correctly, you always stay a few steps ahead of a fraudster. After all, you are looking at your own organization from the eyes of a fraudster.

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Corporate fraud: A growing issue

B2B fraud has increased dramatically, with fraudsters cleverly taking advantage of various circumstances created by the pandemic. B2B fraud has the potential to cripple businesses, resulting in losses that can run into the millions.

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ESG green office altares

What led to the development of ESG?

After a few disasters occurred, it became increasingly important to take global steps in ESG and ethical conduct. But which events contributed to the developments of ESG and what steps have been taken?

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Supply & Procurement

4 tips for a healthy supply chain

During the pandemic, ministries learned how limited the models for predicting supply chain disruptions were. Now, even after the pandemic, there are many turbulent times affecting the movement of products and materials, new models need to be in place so that changes can be better anticipated.

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