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Credit Risk Management

April 2022 barometer: huge drop in bankruptcies

A total of 106* bankruptcies were declared in April 2022 (reference date 10-5-2022). That's 79 fewer than the number of bankruptcies last month, March 2022 (185). In April 2021, the number was higher. At that time, 141 enterprises went bankrupt.

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Altares-Blog - Zakelijke betaaltermijn België verkort naar maximaal 60 dagen
Credit Risk Management

Business payment term Belgium shortened to maximum 60 days

Since February 1, 2022, Belgian legislation has changed the payment terms between companies. Payment terms longer than 60 days have been annulled by law since February 1. The new standard payment term is 30 days with a maximum of 60 days if contractually agreed.

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Barometer februari 2022

February 2022 barometer: rise in bankruptcies

A total of 156 bankruptcies were declared in February 2022. That is 28 more than the number of bankruptcies last month, January 2022 (128), 27 more than in the same period in 2021 (129). Thus, a small increase can be observed and makes up for the number of missed bankruptcies since the introduction of state aid.

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pop AI
Credit Risk Management

xAI for tomorrow's credit scoring

Joris Peeters vertelt over het gebruik van xAI binnen Credit Management, wat ons gaat helpen bij de betrouwbaarheid van credit scoring en op de eerste plaats voldoet aan de wet-en regelgeving rondom ethiek en transparantie.

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